Anna has been coaching me for few months and I must say I have greatly benefitted from the time we have spent together. Anna asked the right questions at the right time and guided me so I could clearly see what my path for the future is. The path that I could take if I don’t just see the barriers but dare to take a next step towards my happiness, while respecting all that is important to me.I tend to overthink, especially when it comes to big life decisions and I hesitate, find excuses or talk myself out of taking action. By discovering where my uncertainty originates from, I am now more certain what I need to do.

Anna is a great help in that, she is very flexible and open minded, and provides all the right tools to achieve what you are looking for. Even if you don’t know yet what you are looking for, she will help you look at your desires, fears, habits and dreams objectively, find the next steps together and give that little push you (might) need.

I highly recommend Anna’s coaching services for those who know there is something more out there for them, but are unsure what they need to do to next. They will do this self-discovery with a lovely lady in a fun and informal atmosphere.


I highly recommend Anna’s coaching services. During our work together she has helped me develop my awareness by searching for reasons to my behavior or specific ways of thinking. With helpful exercises Anna showed me how to find my values and how to live those values both professionally and personally in areas I was struggling with before.

The questions she asks have helped me clear my head and gain insight for my future. Now, with this new perspective and insight,  I have found positive change happening in my life and I appreciate that very much. 


Anna was my coach for a couple of months. It was a time in my life when I had to make some big decisions. The coaching sessions with Anna were very helpful for me because they gave me a new perspective on things. It was also a good way to just stop and reflect – my past, who I am and where I want to be. I think the coaching gave me peace of mind and after the sessions I began to feel better about myself and able to set clear tasks in order to achieve my goals.

I can strongly recommend working with Anna – she is a great coach, good listener and the best part about the sessions is that the answers are not given to you, you find them yourself. The sessions with Anna are a methodical and constructive way to reflect on your life in order to become a better version of yourself.


Coaching with Anna has been one of the most powerful and interesting experiences of my life. She has helped me to identify my true values and recognize their strength when it’s time to make big decisions. I now have more clarity and a better understanding of my own priorities. I am also able to recognize obstacles that may be standing in my way. Her questions help me to connect to what I am most passionate about and in that way find the unique solutions that work for me. She has a balanced approach when it comes to challenging and motivating me which I feel comfortable with.

Anna is an outstanding coach. She is warm, cheerful, a good listener, creative and fun to be around. Best of all, even in moments when the process feels challenging,  she is always supportive. Every week I look forward to see what the new assignment will be.

Thanks Anna for your coaching. I’m on my way to reach my dreams. I highly recommend starting to work with Anna. Don’t wait, just start!


While working with Anna I learned how to zoom out of my own situation in order to gain new perspective on important things in my life. I also learned a lot about my values and myself. Anna is very open, positive, non-judgemental, encouraging, patient and fun to work with. She knows how to ask the kind of questions that make you think about your situation from a different angle.

Her approach is very human and she has a unique gift to put people at ease.I now feel confident that I have the right tools to handle things if ever I feel stuck again. I think everyone who feels a bit stuck in life or has doubts of any kind about their life situation would benefit from working with Anna. Just try it, you won’t regret!


I would like to highly recommend Anna Kmetova for her excellent coaching skills. She has been my coach for the past 9 months. The benefits as well as the results from our coaching sessions were immediately visible. I could chose what I wanted to be coached for and every time there was a unique experience. Anna used a lot of different techniques proving her ability to quickly put in practice her learnings but also driving the conversations to that point where I could give my own answers within one hour sessions. Having discussed about work and life matters, I have seen really good results in the way I treat situations, choosing what is important for me, having in mind what I want to achieve and being able to give solutions and take actions for questions I have been wondering for quite some time.

What makes a huge difference working with Anna is her talent to make you feel comfortable and build trust from day 1, always followed by her smile! That keeps me motivated and looking forward to our next coaching session.

Without a second thought, I strongly believe that working with Anna can only bring positive results to someone’s life and be a stepping stone for anyone to continue succeeding in life.


Anna is calm and collected and great at asking the right questions at the right time. She makes you work hard & forces you to think…and then think again!

Her different techniques and exercises help you to engage in interesting conversations about your personal values, your strengths and weak points, or things that may bother you or stand in your way of growth or success. Working with Anna has been a great learning experience and helped me to open up. I can only recommend you try a session with Anna and see for yourself.


I have really benefited from the work that Anna and I did together.

With great dedication she was able to constantly challenge my most established certainties, helping me to question whether I was coping with my issues and frictions with other people in the best way. She helped me check in to see if I was living according to my values.

She also helped me to value the things I should be proud of, to develop the better part of me. After a start in which I was uncertain about the scope, the shape that this path would take, things started to happen after the most important topics were raised and alternative points of view, new ideas started to pop up that I could use to shake the thinking patterns of a lifetime. That was the most exciting part of it!

I highly recommend her coaching activity to anyone that is undergoing a moment of changes or confusion, or that just wants to figure him/herself out better. It’s totally worth it.



I decided to work with  a coach because I’m going though a transition in my life and I had to make a couple of big decisions. I was lost and I did not know where to start. I met Anna and decided to ask her to coach me. It turned out to be the best move I could have made.

During the couple of months we worked together I was given a reality check. Was I really living according to my values? Why were the decisions that stood before me so hard to make? Was I afraid? What was stopping from being myself?

Anna helped me to find answers to all this and more by asking the right questions at the right moment. She challenged me but always in a way I felt comfortable with, and gave me the time to process every question so that I had the time and ability to come up with my truthful answer. The tools, exercises and techniques Anna uses are great. Our time together felt like my time and I was given the freedom to decide what I wanted to work with or discuss.  Anna made sure we made the most efficient use of our time together so I could benefit the most.

I have a clear mind now, I know what I have to do, those decisions I mentioned at the beginning are still big, and I’m not afraid to make them anymore because I trust myself. I believe whatever comes from decisions I takeI have the confidence I will be able to handle. Knowing this makes me feel at peace, happy and content.

I would definitely recommend Anna as a coach. She is honest, flexible, very respectful and has the gift of making you feel comfortable with her. I believe everyone can benefit immensely from a session with Anna, because I did. Thank you Anna.


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