About Me

In order to move forward, some moments in life call upon us to make a change.

At the age of thirty I found myself at a fork in the road. I had done everything I was taught to do, I had followed the “right” path, educated myself, found a good job and gained the respect of my peers. And yet, despite all I had accomplished, I didn’t feel fulfilled, I felt frustrated and confused. Was this just something everyone felt at one point or another? Were my expectations from life too high? Was I being spoiled to think that my job should provide me with the type of fulfillment and gratification I felt I was missing?

I tried to push away the nagging questions that kept coming up but my motivation to continue as things were was decreasing with every passing day. I didn’t believe I was too old to make a change in my situation, I didn’t believe that this was all life could be about and decided to transform the nervousness I felt into an energetic and positive force. It was at that point that I began working with a coach.

During the coaching process I learned that the key to creating more satisfaction and less imbalance in my life couldn’t be found in my professional life or in any other outside source; it was and always is within me.

By the end of the coaching journey I discovered that what motivates me and gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is helping other people; not by doing something for them but rather by empowering them to do it for themselves.

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