About Me

I’m Anna Kmetova, a Co-Active coach who swapped corporate conformity for life as an entrepreneur. 

I left behind the confines of corporate life to serve curious individuals like yourself who have been awakened to the reality that there’s more to life than staying small, over-thinking the future and prioritising everyone but yourself. 

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300+ clients and 2000+ coaching hours later, I’ve discovered the source of my joy as a certified Co-Active coach for individuals. 

I studied coaching at the Co-Active Training Institute, and I hold credentials as a Professional Certified Co-Active Coach and Professional Certified Coach. Originally hailing from Slovakia, I coach clients in English, Slovak and Czech. I also support the CTI as an assistant on Co-Active coaching courses, and I’m a proud member of the International Coaching Federation. I also mentor coaches working towards certification, and I’m a member of various supervision groups and coaching platforms. It’s safe to say that I know my stuff! 

These accreditations and experiences have enriched my coaching approach and given me an insight into the wide variety of personalities, mindsets, backgrounds and cultures that inform the unique needs of my clients. I’ve guided many diverse individuals through their journeys of personal and professional reinvention, from ex-pats to professionals, creatives to students, and now it’s your turn! 

How can I be so sure? I’ve been where you are.


At the age of 30, I hit a fork in the road.

I had accomplished everything I thought I needed to. I was settled in Amsterdam, working a stable job in a corporate environment and was well-respected by my peers. And yet, despite my accomplishments, I didn’t feel fulfilled, and those feelings only grew.

I persevered, but the nagging questions at the back of my mind grew louder until I could no longer ignore my inner monologue. Had I been searching for validation in all of the wrong places? After some introspection, I realised that I could harness that anxious energy and channel it into a more positive force. All I needed to do was work out what was missing. 

And so, I began working with a coach.


Working with a coach made me realise I was searching for answers in all the wrong places. 

The answers lay within me, not within job titles or societal expectations. In being reintroduced to my free-spirited nature and most authentic self, I discovered what motivated me as a human being: helping others.

All I wanted to do was help others in need – not by doing something for them but by empowering them to do it for themselves. And so, my coaching journey began. Armed with testimonials and a host of clients, I left my corporate job and began coaching full-time. 

This decision, whilst terrifying, gave me the freedom I needed and the impact my work had upon clients filled me with conviction that I was doing the right thing. These rich life experiences inform my desire to help people both strengthen and follow their instinct. 


Animal lover. Creator. Reader. Explorer. 

When I’m not coaching clients to realise their dreams, I channel my energy into living mine! I’m keen to experience life in full technicolour, and I can often be found experimenting with food, sewing garments and connecting with the natural world. 

Having embraced life as a digital nomad, I’m currently based in Thailand and enjoying all that it has to offer, from learning the language to freediving at the beach, engaging with coral reef restoration to immersing myself in Thailand’s rich cultural history. 

After making my dreams a reality, I’m particularly passionate about helping my clients discover their idea of paradise – whatever that may look like to them. 


Coaching transformed my life –  what could it do for you?

You’re more than capable of creating a life that you love. 

I’ve told you all about me, so now it’s time to hear more about you! Take a look at my coaching packages to discover how we could team up to figure out your future, or contact me to get started. 

I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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