About Coaching

‘Transformational change is our business. We want a world that works for everyone where people know that who we are is as important as what we do’ – CTI.

Coaching isn’t about admitting defeat or weakness, nor is it about setting unrealistic goals that you won’t act upon, and it certainly isn’t about learning to accept a life half-lived. Through guided 1:1 sessions held online, we’ll assess the balance and actively reclaim your life by clarifying what energises and nurtures you as well as being aware of what depletes your resources.

I firmly believe that courageously leading from within and learning to embrace a life that is a product of your own making is something to celebrate. I use the Co-Active coaching method to facilitate transformational change by respecting each and every one of my clients as resourceful, capable and whole human beings, who are all able to find the answers to whatever questions they may have.

As your coach, I steer clear of relaying poster-perfect platitudes. I instead ask powerful questions that empower each and every one of my clients to become active participants in life so they can make meaningful connections, find comfort in curiosity and express all of the colours of their being.

I respect individuality and champion what makes us unique, always leaving space for my clients to explore the vibrancy of possibility. Whether you’re in need of emotional support, someone to lean on the lighter side of life with or perhaps you need peaceful time to reflect, I’ll tailor our sessions to meet your individual needs.

We’ll work together to manifest everything you desire, whether that’s a relationship with solid foundations, a job that is both creative and challenging, or a life that allows you to feel more comfortable and connected.

Recognising the obstacles you face is the first step to acknowledging that they can be re-framed and shifted in order to open up and clear the path in front of you. Contact me to make those first steps towards living a wholly authentic existence.

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