But… is it realistic?

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

One of the nastiest limiting beliefs that keep my clients from pursuing their dreams is this: “But this is not realistic! If it were, everyone would do It, right?”

First of all, I usually acknowledge to my client that their dream is so resonant for them that it feels as if everyone must be dreaming the same goal! In reality, there are a lot of people who, out of fear of disappointment, would not even dare to let their imagination go to such places!

Secondly, this so-called “reality check”. If you dream about something, what would make you genuinely believe it is “realistic” or achievable in this life?

  • Would it be someone else’s validation?
  • Would it be your dream goal becoming easily achievable? 
  • Would it be an environment where it would be impossible to fail?
  • Would that be seeing everyone else already doing it, just as you see many people nailing their corporate jobs?

Now really, what would that be?

Whatever external factor you keep subconsciously waiting for, it might never occur. Or it will, but there is a slight chance it would not make you feel any more certain about how “realistic” you perceive your goal to be.

And you know why? Because the only factor that stands in your way is YOU. You are the one who needs to accept that pursuing your dream might be hard, risky and even unsuccessful – but it does not make it unrealistic. What makes it genuinely unrealistic, is not trying at all. And this is where the big story ends for many people.

So my question to you is: Are you courageous enough to let the story unfold, or is it going to stay forever in your imagination, as a “What if…” story?

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