Coaching packages

Are you ready to commit to living the life you’ve always dreamed of but never really thought was possible? Would you like to spend more time on yourself and what you need/want? Do you want to uncover possibilities and facets of your personality that you’ve otherwise buried or left behind?

If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, a coaching package may be more appropriate for you.

These packages are tailored to individuals who are ready to return to their foundations and rebuild from the ground up, in order to take control of their past and transform their future.

‘Intention Seeker’ package


1 x 90 min ‘Discovery’ session
6 x 60 min ‘Breakthrough’ sessions
Duration: 3,5 months

Investment: Online sessions: 950 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Are you guilty of dedicating large chunks of time to worrying about a specific area of your life – whether that’s personal, professional or otherwise?
  • Would you like to stop overthinking and instead channel that nervous energy into building a life that is fulfilling – not just for now but in the long term?

The Intention Seeker package is perfect for individuals who, following the initial Discovery session, realise that their challenges stem from one specific area of their life. Whether you’re looking to change career or move to a different country or perhaps you want to work on your personal relationships, this package is for you!

It starts with a 90-minute Discovery session where we’ll focus on mapping your current situation by taking a look at the bigger picture – as the two are often connected. Once you’re equipped with the tools you need to better connect with yourself, we’ll spend the following six coaching sessions taking an intricate look at the area of your life that requires the most attention.

Whilst this package is typically catered to individuals facing challenges in a specific area of life, previous clients have gone on to achieve transformation in plenty of other areas thanks to the techniques they’d learned along the way.

The Intention Seeker sessions aim to open your eyes to the rich possibilities and outcomes that are ahead of you. You’ll also be encouraged to find creative and reasonant ways to transform your challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Ready to be driven by intention? Book your Initial session or contact me for more information.

‘Expanded Horizons’ package


1×90 min ‘Discovery’ session
8×60 min ‘Breakthrough’ sessions
1×60 min follow-up session
Duration: 5 months

Investment: Online sessions: 1260 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Would you like to expand your horizons by tackling your limiting beliefs head on and learning how to lead with confidence and conviction?
  • Do you think you would benefit from added accountability in order to avoid relapse or avoidance?

The Expanded Horizons package is ideal for individuals who require a little more care and accountability to enable them to stay connected to themselves and their long-term goals. It’s also ideal for those who, following the initial Discovery session, feel as if they need to restructure their general approach to several areas of their life as opposed to just one.

Much like the Intention Seeker package, We’ll start with a 90-minute Discovery session where we’ll map your current situation. We’ll then devote the following 8 sessions to delving deeper into the challenges that you’ve encountered and we’ll explore the ways in which you can face them with confidence and understanding.

It’s during these sessions that we’ll also start to redesign and rebuild your life so that it is more purposeful and mindful of your long-term goals.

The follow-up session will take place a couple of weeks after our final weekly session, once you’ve had the chance to apply the things you’ve learned to your daily life. We’ll use it to evaluate your progress and ensure that you have plans in place to help you stay on track and move forward with self-compassion and conviction as opposed to fear and regret.

Do you want to revisit your true self and learn vital lessons that will help you reimagine and restructure your future? Book your free 30-minute introductory consultation or contact me for more information.

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