Consulting & Workshops for companies

  • Are you trying to manifest a healthy coaching culture within your organisation?
  • Would you like a professional to train your leaders and implement a strategy so that your employees can work more harmoniously and be able to provide 1:1 coaching support to their fellow team members?

Coaching can be an excellent leadership tool because of the way in which it encourages staff to take ownership of both their personal and professional development and, as a result, their sense of general satisfaction.

The transformative power of a healthy coaching culture lies in creating an environment of trust, empowerment and initiative amongst individuals which, in turn, improves communication and innovative thinking. When you embrace coaching company-wide, you’re sending a message to each employee that their autonomy, motivation and diverse range of personalities and experiences are integral to the company achieving its vision.

During the consulting/training, I’ll assess the specific challenges and needs of your company before designing tailored strategic solutions that you can then go on to implement. My consultations, workshops and staff training can be provided both online and in-person.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can invest in my corporate services, please contact me for more information and my bespoke rates.