27/10/2020 Simply Start: Ask Me Anything with Anna Kmetova

19/08/2020 Simply Start: Coaching Demo with Anna Kmetova

24/11/2019 Inspire’d Stage Amsterdam

23/10/2019 Amsterdam: Own your strengths and manage your weaknesses!

07/08/2019 ICF Coaching World: Coaching as a Digital Nomad by Anna Kmetova ACC, CPCC

27/06/2019 Interview with Nestor: Anna Kmetova on how to apply Coaching as a Powerful Leadership Tool

I was recently interviewed for Nestor Podcast series. Raluca Apostol asked me a lot of great questions about coaching and how coaching can be a powerful leadership tool in the workplace. I think my excitement is evident from the video, and I hope you enjoy watching it!

14/11/2018, Amsterdam
Soft skills? I don’t need them, I work in IT!

23/10/2018, Amsterdam
Find your authentic way to connect with your team

22/08/2018, Amsterdam
Clear Goal Strategy for your (freelance) business

10/06/2018, Amsterdam
Clear Goal Strategy – Turn hesitations into clear goals

15/05/2018, Amsterdam
SpeedCoaching- Find your coach and get on the right track!

20/02/2018, Amsterdam
PDWorks: Career Coaching Workshop

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