Consulting for aspiring coaches

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 590 EUR

  • Are you an open-minded individual who finds fulfilment in helping others and thus wants to pursue a career in coaching?
  • Are you already on your way towards achieving your credentials but you’d like to know more about making the transition towards coaching full-time?

I offer a 90-minute consultation for aspiring coaches who have questions about everything from the day-to-day minutiae of the profession to the part that coaching plays within the wider industry.

The hour is yours to define so you’re welcome to come to the call with whatever talking points, questions and observations you feel may provide the most value to you. I’m happy to speak openly and honestly with you about my first-hand experiences, from how I got started to how I acquired my Co-Active and ICF certifications, so that you can come away with a stronger sense of understanding and conviction!

Contact me to book a session for aspiring coaches and let me assist you in making those life-affirming first steps towards embarking on your coaching journey.

Are you training to be a coach on the 6-month Professional Coach Certification Program at the Co-Active Training Institute? Click here to learn more about my Complete Co-Active Certification package.

If you are curious about my coaching journey, feel free to check out this article.

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