I can’t begin to iterate the benefits of Anna’s coaching services. I came to Anna feeling very lost in my career and in life in general. I was in a new city, hadn’t broken into the job market, and didn’t know my next steps at all. She was able to help identify my true goals and guided me in defining my biggest obstacles to living the life I truly wanted to. After her services, I have a clear vision of my career and life goals, I’ve outlined the next steps in getting there, and I’m able to see when I am getting in my own way. I’ve never felt more intentional in my actions and aware of my skills and potential. Anna and her services will get you on the right track if you’ve lost your way.


I cannot recommend Anna enough. She is an excellent coach who radiates warmth and has a wonderful way of recognizing your deeper needs before you are able to yourself. In only a short amount of time, I could feel the difference working with her made. She truly knew how to challenge and push me to take the next steps in my personal development, which is exactly what I needed.


Speaking with Anna was one of the best decisions I could have made, and working with her made me feel more empowered and true to myself than I have ever felt. Thank you! 


Having Anna as my coach is one of the best things to have happened to me in years. I contacted her in August at a time when I had been feeling very stuck, lost and unfulfilled for a couple of years. Amongst other things, I knew I wanted a change of career, but I had no idea where to start.


During our first session, Anna already asked me such powerful questions I knew I was in for an earth shaking experience. In just 7 sessions, Anna helped me realize not only what my professional passion is and how to get there, but also the kind of lifestyle I want to have in order to live my fullest, most authentic life.


I have now finally stopped overthinking and started doing! Anna is an excepcional listener, patient, kind, funny (I could go on!) but above all, a true professional and a wonderful coach. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to take their life from A to Z.


I highly recommend working with Anna if you feel stuck in life just like I did several months ago.


I sincerely think that working with Anna was the best investment I ever did for myself. Through Anna’s coaching, I found values, found my next steps in life, developed thought process that will help me understand why I sometimes feel frustrated…


Thanks to Anna, I understand myself so much better now and I am much happier. Anna knew exactly which questions to ask during our sessions to understand my problems. Anna also used different tools and guidelines to help me find my answers. After just one session with Anna, I immediately trusted her professionalism and fully opened up myself to her so that she could help me, which she did superbly. 🙂


I am sure that my experience working with Anna will continue to have a big positive impact in my life. If you are still considering whether to work with Anna, my sincere recommendation is, do it!

Li Xin

Having Anna as my coach is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself! This is the first time I’ve had a career and life coach. To be honest, I was quite sceptical about coaching until I started feeling stuck, frustrated and lost in life.


The first encounter with Anna was an immediate connection, and her warm and authentic personality creates a very safe space for me to open up to her. During the sessions, Anna asks questions that strike to the very point, gives challenges that drive actions, and provides observations and follow-ups to support me when I felt lost.


With the guidance from Anna, I learn to understand myself and my values much better besides searching for the next step in my career. In this way, I am not checking whether I fit the job market or a certain job, but whether this is a job or the life I like and choose for!


When I look back on the past months, I see significant transformations I’ve been through (it is scary yet amazing!!!), which I could not have imagined before taking on this journey.


If you are also feeling the same in your life or career and need professional tips, advice and tools to help you make a change for yourself, Anna is definitely your go-to person :)!


I have never had a career coach before, and choosing Anna as my coach made me realise that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!


I contacted Anna because of how unfocused I was, with the amount of things that I wanted to do, and hardly being able to start any project from my endless list.


During our 7 sessions, Anna asked deep questions that helped me be more aware about myself, be conscious about my reactions in certain situations, and why I was having them. She then triggered me in finding my way of mitigating the situation towards my goals, and sometimes even using some tools that helped me go deeper.


Through Anna’s help, I was able to make it very clear to myself what I value the most and what brings purpose to my life. I have created a structure for myself, which helps me be focused and productive, and at peace. I now believe more than ever that I will accomplish what I always dreamed of!


If you already choose Anna as your coach, just enjoy, always try to find the answers deep within, be fully honest with yourself, and you will have a huge benefit from it.


When I started sessions with Anna, I felt stuck in my career with no possible exit. In contrast, a few years prior, I had “made it”. I chose the most challenging major, studied hard, landed an amazing job, AND transferred to the Amsterdam office (check, check, check). At the age of 26, I started to feel symptoms of burnout. I had the feeling I was running out of time to make a career switch, yet also questioned whether or not changing company/industry/title would even make a difference. Was this adulthood? Was my energy, youthful passion zapped for life? I started to interview around, but upon receiving a disappointing rejection, I felt that I needed to switch things up.


This was my first “adult” coaching experience, and I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I needed a catalyst for change. I went in, expecting a resume makeover and can genuinely say that Anna’s coaching delivered much more than that. I feel that many aspects of my life have reaped the benefits from health to my relationships. I have more clarity and ownership in sculpting an inspired career AND life. Despite our coaching sessions remaining virtual, I truly felt that Anna was present for the journey. I realized that a lot of my suffering was self-created and that there was ALWAYS a choice. While that choice is not always easy and comes with a host of insecurities (and even tears), Anna’s support felt genuine from day one. Not only did she provide the necessary guidance, she also celebrated my successes and epiphanies along the way. In order to truly benefit from Anna’s sessions, you should understand that Anna won’t be the one to tell you what to do, because ultimately, you have all of the answers you need. You should be prepared to soul search and open to the idea that the result might not be what you expect.


If you are on the fence, you should know that before starting this coaching, I was super resistant to spend money on myself. Thinking “can’t I just take a long walk and figure it out myself for free?”. Wow, was I wrong. This experience has truly shifted the way I feel about investing in myself, and now I am constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities to ensure that the journey doesn’t stop here. 🙂
I cannot thank you enough, Anna!


After working with Anna for the past couple of months I am full of gratitude and respect for the outstanding skills and empathy that she brings to the table. Not only is she very well organised and equipped with the right tools and methodologies for coaching, she also adds the right amount of humour and lightness to the discovery of tough roadblocks and deep-rooted limiting beliefs. 


Anna’s coaching has had a far-reaching effect on my ability to dive into and clear up some of my main insecurities in a safe environment and discover my guiding values. Hence, enabling me to change focus in my career and personal life.  


I would highly recommend Anna as a coach to anyone who needs some help identifying their path and shaping an actionable roadmap of their future. Anna will challenge you in the best way imaginable!


Working with Anna was such a beautiful surprise. Not that I was surprised by how good of coach she is – not at all. She was highly recommended to me by two distinct and dynamic friends. The surprise came from what she synthesised for me in terms of perspectives, frameworks while simultaneously helping me shift the way I see the world around me and my role in it. She held up a mirror enabling me to see to myself so much more clearly and honestly and she gently but firmly tested my own, often negative, assumptions about my work life, my abilities, my ambitions, my accomplishments, my possibilities. 


My expectation when I started was that I might have a solid plan for future professional changes at the end of the sessions. What I got was so much more thought provoking and motivating. After each session, after each personal assignment I could feel a subtle but essential shift happening in me. I felt great after each session. Without wishing to sound cliche – I wanted to challenge myself, to be better, to think more deeply. And that essentially was energy coming from Anna. Her sharp focus on a person really defining their core values as a central life guide, coupled with her encouraging you to imagine without boundaries and constraints helps you feel focused and guided while at the same time feeling freed and unburdened. 


In short – Anna is a true coach and I feel quite fortunate to have had the sessions I had with her. I now look forward to being the person she helped reveal. Absolutely recommended. 


From our initial consultation, I knew that Anna was the real deal. In just 30 minutes she made me feel comfortable and gave me the space to open up and explain to her why I was seeking out a coach. During this call, she gently guided my thinking to places it had never been before. Just from this short session, I felt like I had a new perspective on my problem. I took a week to think about whether or not I was going to commit to a full coaching package, but looking back I feel like the decision had already been made right after our consultation.


My main issue was that I wanted to change my career, but I needed clarity on what I wanted to pursue next. My coaching sessions with Anna helped me understand all of the factors at play behind this decision. Instead of setting up an action plan and working on my goals from the very beginning, Anna guided me through a process of self exploration, in order to uncover what my values are, what I’m truly passionate about, and the beliefs I had about myself and my situation. This ended up being the bulk of the work in my case, and it turned out to be invaluable. In fact, after this was done, it felt very natural to come up with an action plan. There was no need to force anything – most of it was actually already there, waiting to be discovered.


I came to Anna for help because I didn’t know which path to take in my life, but she kindly pointed out that I was one step ahead of myself – I was missing my compass. Anna helped me build that compass.

Working with Anna has been a real eye-opener. After having been stuck in my own head for a long time, I now understand a lot better what is driving me and which values are important to me in all aspects of my life. 


I had worked with a job/life coach before and hadn’t gotten anywhere, so I was unsure about taking sessions again – but straight away from the first session I understood that Anna is made to do this. She is really thoughtful and respectful, yet she will also ask you the right questions if she senses something isn’t right or needs further exploration. 


Anna helped me to get real, and to say out loud things I was afraid to admit even to myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s struggling with finding their path in life, coping with stress or feelings of failure.


Anna is an excellent coach! She is very focused on the needs of the client and finds the right structure to center that. She is well organised and has an excellent methodology, from homework to visualisation exercises to use of metaphors to exploration exercises.


She helped me identify my goals, my values, my unique skills and knowledge, and has turned that into a solid base that we often came back to throughout our sessions, to make sure we are still in line with what I want and need.


Her open attitude encourages openness and, even if the sessions and the coaching process can sometimes be difficult and confronting, she manages to make it safe and fun. Yes, fun! She has an excellent sense of humour and her enthusiasm is infectious and she is generally a very warm person.


I strongly recommend Anna as a coach for anyone who needs some help identifying the path they want to choose career-wise (or life-wise) and finding the confidence to do so. 


Anna is amazing. After my marriage separation, I was feeling really broken and lost, and I decided to get a life coach to help me get my life back on track. 


Anna is very intuitive and seems to know what I need to process in each session, which really helps me to progress. With her help, I realized how much limiting beliefs I was holding on to, how much I was limiting myself just hanging on to these beliefs. Anna helped me to see what was possible for me. 


I was able to identify my goals, set a clear vision of what I want my life to be, the type of person I want to become. At the end of our session, I was a very different person. I felt the most empowered that I have ever felt in a very long time. 


Working with Anna has been literally life-changing, it was the best decision that I have ever made. I would definitely recommend working with Anna! 


Working with Anna was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was having a bad year: I was anxious, unsure, burned out, I felt stuck, and like there was no escape (especially in my work life). I thought something must be wrong with me; maybe I’m always going to be unhappy doing whatever I do because who knows, maybe I’m just a difficult person. I decided to hire Anna to figure out what was going on with me, why exactly I was unhappy and try to figure out what I could do to fix it.


Working with Anna was great. Anna has an excellent intuition which picks up on things that I did not know myself were in me. She always knows how to poke and ask the right questions, and helped me change the way I think completely.


Just a few months of hard work later, I understand myself a lot better; I am more confident in myself and my decisions and even excited about a new career. Most importantly: I no longer feel like my happiness is in someone else’s hands. It will continue to be hard work, but I feel like I made huge progress, and a lot of it was thanks to Anna. 100% recommend!


PS: The money I spent on you really was very well spent, felt like a lot of money at the time but it was actually a bargain! Thanks so much! 🙂


I have encountered a number of coaches through the years, but Anna is definitely the best I have encountered. Her patience, openness, and ability to see my underlying concerns which even I did not recognise immediately is amazing. 


At the time of approaching Anna, I was feeling exceptionally lost and vulnerable. I immediately found it easy to communicate with her and knew that I could trust her. Her ability to help me identify my underlying problems and empathy helped me look at myself honestly in a safe environment, to admit what I refused to see which I previously considered a hinderance to my career or unnecessary feelings that adds no values. 


Thank you, Anna, you have helped me understand myself better and learn to love and value myself and my feelings which are so important in me pursing a future which I would not have had the courage or time to consider at all. 


Before being coached by Anna I was overwhelmed and confused about my career and what I wanted to do. After working with her, I am now to focused, confident and heading towards a value driven future that I am knowingly choosing and designing. This is exactly what I wanted. I have clarity and confidence in my direction and actual momentum now. This has ultimately given me peace of mind and I’m starting my own business.


Coaching is not something that I had considered before and I found Anna patient, kind and most importantly highly effective.  She listens, helps you structure your thoughts which results in you defining a clear vision for your future. You have all the answers already and Anna helps you find balance in the different areas of your life to be a better, happier human being.


If you are at a stage in your career when you know you could feel better about what you do or you don’t quite know what you want to do… then she can help you.


“I have heard about coaching concepts before but never felt it was something for me. I always thought I could figure it out on my own by reading a motivational book or just formulate my next ambitious goal and work towards it until I celebrated my 35th birthday and didn’t know any further. I had an amazing career, travelled the world, had a wonderful caring partner – but I felt empty inside of me. According to everyone’s expectations, I did everything right – but I was stuck & lost, and any advice I would get from my family or friends didn’t feel right anymore. 


And then I met Anna, we had a 30 min intro session, and I felt the right connection right away, a trusted feeling of being understood. I shared my dilemma: “finding a fulfilling job” OR “finding fulfilment outside of working hours”. I was hoping for an answer, and instead, Anna asked me a question back: “what if you could have both!?”. “Wow, it didn’t even cross my mind, I was always told I have to choose one”. And this is how our work together began, slowly stripping away years of false beliefs and expectations. 


Being a sceptic by nature, I was unsure how certain exercises would help me, and I just wanted to get to the answers and solutions as fast as possible. But instead of giving advice, Anna asked me questions and gently guided me towards my inner voice until I understood that all answers were already deep within me. Throughout seven sessions, all the pieces of the puzzle slowly came together to one full picture. From being completely lost, I was able to reconnect with myself and my values, identify what I truly wanted and gained the confidence to make desired changes in all areas of my life. It was not magic. It had a big self-reflection element in it (via homework, books recommendations and preparation questionnaire), and some tears to get to the true self – strong, authentic and confident in my opinions and choices! This is just the beginning of my journey towards my inner leader, and Anna gave great recommendations on how to continue my self-work to maintain this connection going forward. Many thanks to Anna for being part of this journey and encouraging me all the way through.”


Anna’s coaching, without a doubt, has had a profound impact on my life.


Before I met her, I was holding a lot of limiting beliefs and lost touch with my inner-self. She helped me reconnect to my positive energy and took my hand, guiding me towards a path of full self-expression.


I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone because she really cares about you and makes it her life’s mission to help people succeed in their quest for more clarity and purpose.


Before I met Anna, I was cynical about my job and unable to properly invest in it, which meant I spent much of my week not truly present or engaged. On top of that, I knew what I ultimately wanted to be doing professionally but had no idea how to get there.


Since then, Anna has helped me to define my values and understand where they aren’t represented in my life. This has helped me to shift my perspective – rather than feeling apathetic about my work, I am in control and feel much more engaged and productive, which has a huge impact on my self-esteem and my general happiness.


As for my long term plans, I don’t know how Anna does it but ever since we started the coaching I’ve made some very clear progress – including being accepted onto a great course that I’ve been dreaming about for years. What before seemed like a very complicated and untrodden path now seems clear and possible – challenging, yes, but not completely overwhelming.


What Anna has helped me with the most is understanding my emotional and behavioural patterns – this extends far beyond work and has helped me significantly in other areas of my life. Every two weeks before our session, I’d wonder whether it would be/could be as insightful and rejuvenating as the last, and I was never disappointed. Anna is fantastic – I recommend her wholeheartedly.

When I decided to start working with Anna, I was in between jobs and overwhelmed by the fear of trying out something new. I have chosen the ‘Intention Seeker’ package, which I can now strongly recommend to people who – like me – have a feeling of being stuck and need support in understanding what they want, what resonates with them, and in building a doable plan for reaching these goals.


Anna has helped me find out what is really important to me, what my values are, and now they serve as my north star in everything I do or plan to do – on both a personal and a professional level. Even though I am not yet fully able to always control my inner critic voice, I do feel like I am equipped with the right tools to develop a long-term habit of keeping my fears in check.


During these sessions, I have managed to develop goals for the short-, mid, and long-term and list down the steps I feel comfortable taking in order to achieve my goals.


Anna is a great professional, she knows what tools to put to use for the particular needs and state of mind you might find yourself in during a certain session and how to circle back to your values and true self. What I have enjoyed most, however, was her warm and accepting side, which helped me to open up as if she were my life-long friend. For all of that, I am very grateful.


Anna has helped me to see the wood from the trees; to bring myself out of the detail and bring everything into perspective. I have been able significantly to reduce the frequency with which I experience anxious thoughts; to worry less about what other people think and concern myself more with what I think; to sweat the small stuff less!


I go to Anna with something I want to explore, work out, understand or change and she helps me to extract, develop and organise my thoughts and feelings about the issue. I have been able to stop doing things that get in the way of what I want, and in doing so, successfully finish a long-term project. Anna is now helping me to redesign my day-to-day life!


Anna is incredibly talented. She has a knack for getting you yourself to identity the issue by asking the right questions. I would recommend her unreservedly.


Anna has opened my mind to entirely new dimensions of my thinking and being. This was not the first time I reached out to Anna for coaching sessions. She helped me to re-connect with my inner energy and use it as fuel to define my vision and move forward in my life. She guided me to identify my patterns and limiting beliefs and was a true companion on my journey towards fulfilment. Any client would be lucky to have Anna as a coach.


By far, the biggest benefit I got from working with Anna was a shift in mindset. For me, this was huge.


For years I’ve known deep down that I want to change my career path, but I’ve been so afraid to commit. I had a fresh start after moving to Amsterdam, and with no ties to my old job, I should have felt inspired and free! Instead, I felt paralyzed, and the fear of uncertainty was extremely demoralizing. I needed to take concrete action towards a career decision, and working with Anna was one of the best things I could have done. She helped me drill down to the mindset that was holding me back and helped me develop tools to catch myself in a spiral of limiting beliefs. I have the ability to confidently make decisions about my business and career without constantly second-guessing myself and getting back into that old pattern of perfection paralysis. 


I strongly believe that everyone would benefit from working with a career coach. If you’re feeling unhappy in your career, or stuck, or uncertain, and if you’re willing to do the work required to get results then I have no doubt that working with Anna would be hugely beneficial. Anna has a way of reframing things and offering a perspective that seems so effortless. She is able to quickly build a foundation of trust, kindness, understanding and sympathy so that she can encourage you to step just outside your comfort zone where the real change happens.


I have benefited from working with Anna in both my work and personal life. I entered as a confused person, not sure of what my next career step was, and not sure about what I wanted out of life in general. Now, I have a career goal and a clear image of what I want and what feels right for me. By asking me a lot of questions Anna pushed me in the right direction.


I really felt the coaching approach where I am encouraged and not judged worked well for me. I now have a new job as account manager, a long term career goal and I am learning how to connect with my inner self again in life in general and in my decision making processes in specific.


I feel much happier and fulfilled, the relationship I have with myself and others has improved. My decisions have become more in touch with what I really want in life. Anyone looking for a lighthouse guiding them to make the right decision with a bit of encouragement will benefit from coaching with Anna.


I would recommend working with Anna to anyone who wants to take a step back and look at how to improve your life, especially if you’re not sure what your aim looks like or how to get there. Anna’s coaching has been really valuable in helping me understand and move towards a new career direction.


I started working with Anna a few months before moving from the UK to the Netherlands. While I was excited about the move, I had lots of nerves and uncertainty as well, especially about changing jobs to a new sector and country.


Anna tailored the tools we used to make sure they were relevant to my personality and situation, and has also made sure I feel comfortable using them on my own in future.


Our sessions helped shape how I identified the direction I’m aiming for and how to make active choices to prioritise what really matters to me. I went to Anna specifically focussed on a career transition, and she supported me both in that and more generally.


Anna, thank you for supporting me on this journey, I felt you were truly present in our sessions. You’ve helped me dig in through my self sabotaging patterns to discover the potential lying underneath. It’s beautiful to feel seen and encouraged to live my best self. Now I understand my processes better and know my values, which helped me clear my vision. Thank you for your kind and honest approach!


Anna has helped me on my personal journey, enabling clarity into my path and giving me the tools to ignite my inner strength. Through her coaching, kindness and guidance have I enabled myself to live a true life for myself, getting me aligned with my values and pursuing my purpose. Focusing on my personal life during the coaching has offered me clarity into what makes me me but also my career choices and establishment of my long term goals. Thank you for the impact you have had on my outlook and positioning in life.


Anna’s ability to really guide the conversation through active listening has helped me to have several AHA moments during our coaching sessions.


She takes the time to really understand the person across from her as well as the underlying issue. This helped to focus on the real topics instead of drifting into irrelevant subjects.


Anna recognized how to turn the direction of the conversation every time she felt there was a more important topic opening up, which created a very safe and trusting environment for me.


As a result of our coaching sessions, I feel more confident around certain areas in my life and I feel empowered to always look at things from a different angle, to listen to my gut feelings and to be more accepting to all parts of myself in general.


I am convinced that Anna gives her full focus and energy to all of her clients and that is the reason I would always work with her.


I had been trying to ‘self-coach’ myself for many years, until last year, when I realised that if I wanted to make a real change, I needed to find some outside support.

This realisation led me to Anna, and during our initial conversation, she asked so many insightful questions, I knew that I had found the right person.

During our sessions, Anna provided just the right balance of support and challenge for me to move forward in my decision making. She also really helped me to acknowledge and trust my feelings, and have confidence in my own way of doing things.

Added to this, I also have some tools which I can continue to use in the future.

I highly recommend Anna for her insightful questions, guiding support, and providing a fresh perspective on yourself – she really can guide you through the forest of confusion and out the other side!


Anna has been coaching me for few months and I must say I have greatly benefitted from the time we have spent together. Anna asked the right questions at the right time and guided me so I could clearly see what my path for the future is. The path that I could take if I don’t just see the barriers but dare to take a next step towards my happiness, while respecting all that is important to me.I tend to overthink, especially when it comes to big life decisions and I hesitate, find excuses or talk myself out of taking action. By discovering where my uncertainty originates from, I am now more certain what I need to do.


Anna is a great help in that, she is very flexible and open minded, and provides all the right tools to achieve what you are looking for. Even if you don’t know yet what you are looking for, she will help you look at your desires, fears, habits and dreams objectively, find the next steps together and give that little push you (might) need.


I highly recommend Anna’s coaching services for those who know there is something more out there for them, but are unsure what they need to do to next. They will do this self-discovery with a lovely lady in a fun and informal atmosphere.


I highly recommend Anna’s coaching services. During our work together she has helped me develop my awareness by searching for reasons to my behavior or specific ways of thinking. With helpful exercises Anna showed me how to find my values and how to live those values both professionally and personally in areas I was struggling with before.


The questions she asks have helped me clear my head and gain insight for my future. Now, with this new perspective and insight,  I have found positive change happening in my life and I appreciate that very much. 


Anna was my coach for a couple of months. It was a time in my life when I had to make some big decisions. The coaching sessions with Anna were very helpful for me because they gave me a new perspective on things. It was also a good way to just stop and reflect – my past, who I am and where I want to be. I think the coaching gave me peace of mind and after the sessions I began to feel better about myself and able to set clear tasks in order to achieve my goals.


I can strongly recommend working with Anna – she is a great coach, good listener and the best part about the sessions is that the answers are not given to you, you find them yourself. The sessions with Anna are a methodical and constructive way to reflect on your life in order to become a better version of yourself.


I chose to have coaching sessions  to improve my working life. I had already had a lot of counseling sessions which helped me in a lot of aspects but never gave me the best improvement.


I had a first call with Anna and had a very good feeling since the beginning: she is friendly and very sincere and I immediately felt understood. So, we scheduled some sessions and Anna helped me to find out what would be best for me. I improved, I discovered the guts to not only enroll to a vocational path that helped me in my business idea, but also to started to work on it while deepening my knowledge. What can I say? I now work with my first clients already and am very happy things are moving on.


I know that a vast range of clients can benefit from Anna’s coaching: young adults who find themselves in the limbo of job searching/needing and not knowing (yet) what they really want to do, and also more mature people wanting to improve any aspect in their personal or working life. When I contacted Anna, I knew what coaching meant in contrast to counseling but still couldn’t figure out how a coach could really help you in finding your answers without actually leading you. Anna showed it  to me perfectly: I always felt listened to and fully understood. Anna always had the right questions and exercises and this helped me to keep moving towards my goals. Thank you Anna for helping me to help myself.


Coaching with Anna has been one of the most powerful and interesting experiences of my life. She has helped me to identify my true values and recognize their strength when it’s time to make big decisions. I now have more clarity and a better understanding of my own priorities. I am also able to recognize obstacles that may be standing in my way. Her questions help me to connect to what I am most passionate about and in that way find the unique solutions that work for me. She has a balanced approach when it comes to challenging and motivating me which I feel comfortable with.


Anna is an outstanding coach. She is warm, cheerful, a good listener, creative and fun to be around. Best of all, even in moments when the process feels challenging,  she is always supportive. Every week I look forward to see what the new assignment will be.


Thanks Anna for your coaching. I’m on my way to reach my dreams. I highly recommend starting to work with Anna. Don’t wait, just start!


Anna is a cool coach. At first she lets you analyze your thoughts and yourself. I found that a bit strange at first but I decided to give it a chance (don’t judge a book by its cover). During further sessions, Anna let me talk my chaotic mind out. My original thought was that I am paying for a “monologue-to-myself” conversation session. The opposite was true.


Anna always pulled the break when I was going into unnecessary details or going off course. Provided an awesome logical summary of my mind chaos (one can mathematically describe chaos, but she can summarize it logically in clear points), provide challenging thoughts and exercises.


But the best is her Japanese management tactic – looking at you and “telepathically” force you to think more and deeper. Sessions with her have helped me to realize several important things and act upon them.


All in all, if you haven’t done anything similar, it feels strange at first; nevertheless, when I look back on all the notes and where I am now in comparison to couple months ago, I would recommend Anna to anybody.


While working with Anna I learned how to zoom out of my own situation in order to gain new perspective on important things in my life. I also learned a lot about my values and myself. Anna is very open, positive, non-judgemental, encouraging, patient and fun to work with. She knows how to ask the kind of questions that make you think about your situation from a different angle.


Her approach is very human and she has a unique gift to put people at ease.I now feel confident that I have the right tools to handle things if ever I feel stuck again. I think everyone who feels a bit stuck in life or has doubts of any kind about their life situation would benefit from working with Anna. Just try it, you won’t regret!


I would like to highly recommend Anna Kmetova for her excellent coaching skills. She has been my coach for the past 9 months. The benefits as well as the results from our coaching sessions were immediately visible. I could chose what I wanted to be coached for and every time there was a unique experience. Anna used a lot of different techniques proving her ability to quickly put in practice her learnings but also driving the conversations to that point where I could give my own answers within one hour sessions. Having discussed about work and life matters, I have seen really good results in the way I treat situations, choosing what is important for me, having in mind what I want to achieve and being able to give solutions and take actions for questions I have been wondering for quite some time.


What makes a huge difference working with Anna is her talent to make you feel comfortable and build trust from day 1, always followed by her smile! That keeps me motivated and looking forward to our next coaching session.


Without a second thought, I strongly believe that working with Anna can only bring positive results to someone’s life and be a stepping stone for anyone to continue succeeding in life.


Anna is calm and collected and great at asking the right questions at the right time. She makes you work hard & forces you to think…and then think again!


Her different techniques and exercises help you to engage in interesting conversations about your personal values, your strengths and weak points, or things that may bother you or stand in your way of growth or success. Working with Anna has been a great learning experience and helped me to open up. I can only recommend you try a session with Anna and see for yourself.


I have really benefited from the work that Anna and I did together.


With great dedication she was able to constantly challenge my most established certainties, helping me to question whether I was coping with my issues and frictions with other people in the best way. She helped me check in to see if I was living according to my values.


She also helped me to value the things I should be proud of, to develop the better part of me. After a start in which I was uncertain about the scope, the shape that this path would take, things started to happen after the most important topics were raised and alternative points of view, new ideas started to pop up that I could use to shake the thinking patterns of a lifetime. That was the most exciting part of it!


I highly recommend her coaching activity to anyone that is undergoing a moment of changes or confusion, or that just wants to figure him/herself out better. It’s totally worth it.


I decided to work with  a coach because I’m going though a transition in my life and I had to make a couple of big decisions. I was lost and I did not know where to start. I met Anna and decided to ask her to coach me. It turned out to be the best move I could have made.


During the couple of months we worked together I was given a reality check. Was I really living according to my values? Why were the decisions that stood before me so hard to make? Was I afraid? What was stopping from being myself?


Anna helped me to find answers to all this and more by asking the right questions at the right moment. She challenged me but always in a way I felt comfortable with, and gave me the time to process every question so that I had the time and ability to come up with my truthful answer. The tools, exercises and techniques Anna uses are great. Our time together felt like my time and I was given the freedom to decide what I wanted to work with or discuss.  Anna made sure we made the most efficient use of our time together so I could benefit the most.


I have a clear mind now, I know what I have to do, those decisions I mentioned at the beginning are still big, and I’m not afraid to make them anymore because I trust myself. I believe whatever comes from decisions I takeI have the confidence I will be able to handle. Knowing this makes me feel at peace, happy and content.


I would definitely recommend Anna as a coach. She is honest, flexible, very respectful and has the gift of making you feel comfortable with her. I believe everyone can benefit immensely from a session with Anna, because I did. Thank you Anna.


While working with Anna I (re)discovered my strengths and learned to take them to another level.


I feel like I gained an automatic mode that immediately recognises when I am falling into the trap of the “limited belief” and saves me from it. I felt I was not judged. I could simply speak my mind even if sometimes it did not make sense. It didn’t matter. We were here to understand and find the sense. I stopped feeling “not good enough”. I dare to show my work. I feel ready to accept when people do not like my work as many others do like it and, most importantly, I love it. Also, new clients and new projects came to me.


It felt like a lot was happening subconsciously. Just because we talked about it, things were falling into place without force. It was like getting a clear picture of my messy thoughts and moving them to the next step up.


I am sure Anna has the ability to adapt to her audience. For me, she immediately saw the big emotional bag I was carrying around so she knew a more holistic approach will help me more. I wonder how she works with more practical, down to earth people and those who do not trust.


In whatever place you are at, Anna will open total new perspectives on how you think your work/business should be.


Anna has helped me on my personal journey, enabling clarity into my path and giving me the tools to ignite my inner strength.

Through her coaching, kindness and guidance have I enabled myself to live a true life for myself, getting me aligned with my values and pursuing my purpose.

Focusing on my personal life during the coaching has offered me clarity into what makes me me but also my career choices and establishment of my long term goals.

Thank you for the impact you have had on my outlook and positioning in life.


Working with Anna helped me clarify my motivations and priorities. Our sessions brought up my awareness for the things that I care, and I enjoy, therefore making it easier to make a conscious decision in the future.

It is really easy to get distracted with so much noise out there, so these sessions will help you go back to the basics and be true to yourself. Re-discovering your passions and clarifying the activities that give you energy, are crucial when considering your next career path.


Anna is a one of a kind coach and I am honored to say that my life has changed immensely since I’ve started working with her.
She is always on point with questions that‘ll lead you gently deeper into yourself and have you connect to powerful attributes that you weren’t aware of before. 
Her kind humor helps you to see the bright side of things and break easily through blocks to clarity. 
Her accurate intuition and timing startles me still! I have never experienced anything like that before and it has me know I am understood as it always reveals the next step for me. 
She leaves space for exploration that is alive, vibrant and most of all loving! The workings of her presence, patience and unshakeable dedication to your growth has you feel free and capable to do literally anything.

I started working with Anna when I decided to introduce a change in my professional path. Originally, I had planned to discuss with a coach how to set a career transition, nevertheless, I was personally craving a change beyond my career, and so I explained my need to Anna. She openly embraced my ideas, and she was intuitive enough to adapt our sessions every time, thus supporting me and creating a great environment for discussion and sharing. I very much appreciated this quality in Anna, to be flexible and adaptable. Thank you Anna for your coaching help, kindness, and friendly support!


I wasn’t a newbie to self-work and personal learning, so I knew what to look out for in a coach. After talking to Anna on the phone, I confirmed my positive impression and signed up for the package. No regrets! It helps to pay upfront to get the transactional part out of the way. Then I focused on advancing 2-3 personal goals over three months. While I know how committed and motivated I was myself, I can attest that Anna was 150% human and professional, and optimized for my self-growth with the right questions, pacing, and feedback.

“Working with Anna has really helped me see my blind spots and confront myself with love and understanding. She is very good at listening and asking questions that make you sit with your emotions long enough to question, “Why do I feel this way?”

In these sessions, I was having a conversation with Anna, but I was really having a conversation with myself. Understanding what I was saying yes to and what I was saying no to, became a powerful realization. Anna challenged me to move forward by fully knowing what I was compromising, and this enabled me to honour myself more.

Anna made the whole experience feel natural and easy-going, I definitely felt at ease with her, and I am a massively private person.

Thank you, Anna.”

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