What life coaching is really about

and why I will not coach you towards a ‘quick fix’

Photo by Nick Cooper on Unsplash

The truth is, life coaching is not at all about fixing a problem, although many problems are likely to be solved. Coaching is about creating a space where you can finally see yourself and your truth. And to see those things in the context of the life you have already created is not always the most pleasant experience. Yet this is what is life-changing.

Imagine the way you currently function in your life as riding an old rusty bicycle. You use it every day to commute to work. It’s hard but is mostly does it’s job. It breaks down every other week but you get it fixed. You always try to find new bike reparation shops, a way to prolong the life of the bike you have gotten used to riding. You ask your friends for recommendations. The reparations are getting expensive but you pay because you have certain nostalgic relationship with your bike. You might even think to yourself “Hey, at least no one is interested in stealing it…”

The thing is, if you bought a new bike, the quality of your everyday life would improve dramatically. You would be looking forward to your morning bike rides to work. It would all flow much easier. You wouldn’t have to waste your energy on maintaining it or wonder when the next problem will arise. This would leave you free to focus your energy on other things that need tending to. All it would take would be for you to make the first step, get rid of that old bike and invest in a new one. Perhaps in the process you might even find out that it isn’t a new bike you are missing at this moment after all. Perhaps you prefer walking. Maybe you want to go by bus or drive a truck or a spaceship for that matter.

As a coach, THIS is what I want to see as a result of coaching. I want you to look outside of the options that seem obvious, the ones everyone knows about or considers at one point or another that may not be considering your individuality, your specific needs at this point in time. I want to create a space that empowers you to get the courage to create a significant change that will serve you, whomever you are.

My goal is to guide you towards the best possible life for yourself, rather than keep maintaining the ‘bearable’ lifestyle that you are just used to. I want to see you become alive and passionate. I want you to create something that you are looking forward to every day. Something that is so dear and purposeful to you, that the obstacles in the way are worth facing because you feel 100% on board with the decisions you have made and the direction you are headed in.

You are creative. What you need is to stop playing it small and have courage to look at what is REALLY possible. Deep inside you know who you truly are and what you want.

Can you give yourself the permission to go for it?

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