Anna Kmetova - Co-Active Coach

Empowering open-minded individuals who are ready to start embracing their best life.

It’s time to rediscover your authentic self through intuitive online coaching sessions and approach the next stage of your life with intention. 


Are you torn between living the life you think you should lead and living the life you most desire? Have you followed all of the paths that society silently suggested you should take – whether social, familial or professional – but still feel as if something is missing? 

Would you like to feel more engaged and intentional in your decision making so that you can stop putting your life on hold?

It’s important to regularly step back in order to appreciate the bigger picture. As your Co-Active coach, I will support you in designing a more resonant and fulfilling life. Through guided 1:1 sessions, I’ll equip you with the skills you need to make bold and brave decisions that align with your personal values, passions and long-term goals.

Coaching is all about thriving as opposed to just surviving, by learning to actively listen to what you both want and need from life. It’s a cause for celebration, not something to be shared in hushed tones, because wherever you are, whatever challenges you may face and whatever age you may be, it’s empowering to lead an authentic life.

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