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Live the life you want to lead

instead of the life you think you should.

It’s time to rediscover your authentic self through intuitive online coaching sessions and approach the next stage of your life with intention. 



It’s never too late to invest in your personal development.

You’ve followed the paths set out by society – whether personal or professional – but you still feel something is missing. You watch people living their dreams, but all you see are obstacles in your way – a lack of time, ability, and direction. 

You’ve searched for answers in lifestyle changes and self-help books, but you’re still stuck. Picturing the next stage of your life may leave you with even more unanswered questions. Or perhaps you have a vague idea of what you want your life to look like, but you worry it’s not realistic and wouldn’t meet expectations. 

Imagine knowing you aren’t alone or beyond help. Imagine knowing that those uncomfortable feelings are all part of the process. Through perspective-shifting conversations, I’ll help you unlock the answers that have been inside of you all along. 

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Co-Active coaching packages designed for curious individuals who want more from life.

Through guided 1:1 sessions, we’ll nurture the confidence you need to make empowered choices that align with your values, goals and long-term vision.

I offer two coaching packages for open-minded individuals who want to reconnect with themselves, find their purpose and live a well-balanced life. Whether you’re seeking intention or expanding your horizons, these powerful sessions offer a safe space for self-reflection and exploration of what you’d like to do next.

We’ll also hold space for any challenging developments, thoughts or feelings that arise, whether fears or limiting beliefs, consequences or opportunities. I’ll support you in creating a practical plan that fits within the context of your life, so it’ll continue to help you master your personal development well beyond our time together. 

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Hi, I’m Anna Kmetova, a Co-Active coach who swapped corporate conformity for life as an entrepreneur.

After years of suppressing my free-spirited nature, coaching showed me there’s more to life than meeting societal expectations. It’s now my mission to use my wealth of expertise to help like-minded individuals become their most empowered selves.

Coaching is a cause for celebration because wherever you are, whatever challenges you may face, whatever stage of life you are in, and whatever age you may be, it’s empowering to lead an authentic life.

Learn more about me and why I left the comfort of corporate conformity for life as a digital nomad in the beautiful country of Thailand.



Spend more time thriving, not just surviving. 

From making impactful decisions to nurturing fresh perspectives, rekindling relationships to navigating bold career moves, here’s what my clients said about the meaningful change I helped them achieve through our online Co-Active coaching sessions:


Let’s figure out your future – together. 

Choose between the Intention Seeker or the Expanded Horizons package, and we’ll begin fine-tuning your self-awareness so you can lead a life you love. 

Not sure which is the perfect fit? I offer a 30-minute intro call where we can talk through your situation and map the sessions you’d need to achieve your desired results, so you can make a conscious decision about which path is right for you. 

What would the next stage of your life look like if you focused on fulfilment? 

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