For Co-Active coaches

Complete Co-Active certification coaching package


1× 90-min Discovery session
12x 45-min coaching and/or mentoring sessions 
2x 30-min oral exam preparation sessions

Location: All sessions are held online. 

Investment: 1590 EUR (incl. VAT)

  • Are you training to be a coach on the 6-month Professional Coach Certification Program at the Co-Active Training Institute? 
  • Would you like to achieve certification whilst working with an established coach who is well-equipped to give professional advice tailored to your specific needs and requirements? 

The online Complete Co-Active Certification package is specifically tailored to coaches embarking on the 6-month Professional Coach Certification Program for Co-Active accreditation. This package is ideal for those who recognise the importance of gaining professional insight so that they can start and successfully grow a vibrant coaching practice.  

We’ll start with a 90-minute Discovery session where we’ll get to know one another before delving into any goals and aspirations you may have as you begin your journey to become an accredited Co-Active coach. We’ll then discuss what you’re hoping to achieve upon completion of the certification program and also set some boundaries for what you’d like to achieve whilst working together.

Following on from this session, we’ll embark on a series of 45-minute coaching and/or mentoring sessions that are tailored to your needs. From advice on how to market your coaching business to general tips on how to run your coaching practice, I’m open to facilitating the lessons that you feel are most relevant for you to learn whilst being mentored by a fully-fledged coach. 

For instance, if you find yourself facing mindset challenges along the way, and thus feel the need to reconnect with your mission, you might request a coaching session. If, however, you’re looking for practical advice, you might opt for a mentoring session. You might also, however, want to use some of these allocated sessions to obtain my professional feedback, using the Co-Active model for reference, on your recorded coaching work. Alternatively, you could decide to switch between the aforementioned uses. We’ll communicate prior to the beginning of each session so that we’re both clear on your requirements as we progress. 

Keen to prepare you for the practical elements of the program, the package also includes two 30-minute preparation sessions for your oral exam. You’ll spend the first half of the session coaching me before receiving actionable feedback on your coaching style for the latter half. 

Over the course of our sessions, we’ll assess your progress and unpack any challenges that you may face during the process so that you can move forward with optimal focus, confidence and clarity. 

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And what did my mentoring/certification clients say?

I had the pleasure to work with Anna on my co-active certification journey. Anna is a wonderful and professional coach. She is a great listener and observer. With intuition and patience, she supported me in finding my way through the emotional hills and valleys of certification and offered me guidance in defining who I am as a professional coach and a person. Through Anna’s caring coaching, I gained valuable insights and learnings for my coaching path. I can highly recommend working with Anna. And in case someone is looking for support for their co-active coaching certification, Anna is a great support as coach and mentor, who offers additional valuable preparation for the final exam. Thanks for your support and patience, Anna.”
Nicole Haller, CPCC, ACC

“I’ve been working with Anna for a while before getting mentored by her. I knew she’s an incredible coach and getting mentored by her, I believed, would be just as powerful. I wasn’t wrong. 
I noticed that being a certified coach doesn’t mean you know what you or your business needs to flourish. I lacked in discipline and consistency as well as knowledge about the proper steps to take from where I was (total beginner). Anna provided the whole package. She knows about the emotional and mental needs as well as the practical steps. 
Whenever I doubted myself she noticed and pointed out limiting beliefs. Whenever I had no direction we brainstormed or looked at what I really need next.
It’s a very personal and deep process to become a full-time, full-passion coach and Anna knows about it on all levels. She doesn’t tell you that it’s all sweet and roses but she does show, by the way she is being with you and her own business, that it’s worth to stick to it. She really wants you to follow your own path. She is relentless in her support and you cannot BS her. No way you can say discouraging stuff to yourself and get away with it. She brings a lot of heart and passion because she believes completely and wholeheartedly in your ability TO MAKE IT (whatever that means for you). 
If it wasn’t for Anna’s support and knowledge, I would have chosen the safe way (old job and small life), I am completely sure of that. She was there to catch me and gently lead me back to where I really wanted to go. As a result of the mentoring programme I quit my safe job and am ready to be a full-time coach. If you’re a coach seeking to thrive in business and service, I recommend Anna with all my being!”

Jenny Felicitas Barz, CPCC, ACC

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